Telecom greetings


When it comes to promoting a company's brand on the telephone - we answer the call!

Our professionally recorded custom telecom greetings can:

  • Increase a company's marketing effectiveness
  • Improve a company's presentation on the phone
  • Enhance a company's caller experience

AMS telecom voice demo

Hear how good we can make any business sound on the phone!

Auto Attendant Greetings:

Countless businesses utilize their telecom prompt system as a way to offer information to callers and reduce the flow of traffic to their agents. The right voice(s) and carefully chosen music increase the probability of a caller fully navigating through a prompt system, rather then pressing "0" and taking the valuable time of an agent. This helps save a company both time and money. 

Outbound Broadcast Messages:

A precisely selected voice (or voices) and even music bed make these messages more receptive and provide greater impact when cold-calling potential prospects. 

On-hold Messages:

Callers waiting on-hold become a "captive audience". We help take advantage of that valuable wait time with our ear-catching on-hold messages that uniquely brand and dynamically market any business, thus helping turn callers into money-spending customers.

Our voice-over talent team ranges from kids to mature adults. We also feature multicultural dialects and many different languages, along with script writing, editing and translation services. 

Telecom voice-over is a specialized form of audio production because each phone system is somewhat unique unto itself. We can format our greetings to match any required technical specification and produce messages that are clear and pleasing to the ear!